A short introduction from Alex

Alex Thebez: Rainbow

It’s been a long time coming, but it’s finally here.

I have to be honest, writing never really comes naturally to me. I just wanted to a bit of time to briefly introduce myself, and talk about Lintroller and what it is. Hopefully I won’t come across as too much of a douche at the end of it.

Lintroller was a lot of different things before it is what it is now. I enjoy making things, but I have also been interested in providing a platform for exposure and discussion.

Before this, Lintroller was previously also known as FEARTHEBIRDS – a kind of collective, or an umbrella thing that is more of a scrapbook than a proper blog. As FEARTHEBIRDS, we put together a couple of exhibitions, birthed a few fun projects, and maintained a Tumblr where we would basically post things that inspire us. It was fun but we definitely lacked any particular structure or real mission that would drive us towards something more substantial.

The shaping of Lintroller happened after my decision to take the idea of a web platform more seriously.

The website will pre-dominantly the following two things: interviews with photographers or individuals who work with photography and portfolio features of emerging or upcoming photographers. However, we will also maintain the scrapbook sensibility that FEARTHEBIRDS had. Our contributors will post things that inspire us, whether it’s a video, an article, or even a write up of a thought that is in our heads.

As I write this, the website is still kind of sparse. But fret not! We have a few things lined up that we are really excited about.

I really hope that you would join us in this little trip that we are taking down the speedy world of the interwebs, whoever you might be.

Here goes nothing, I guess.



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