A Short Introduction from Lisa


My first job after art school was producing photo shoots for high-end fashion photographers. While fashion photographs sparked my interest in photography, I quickly became less interested in shoes and dresses and wanted to discuss why fashion imagery mattered in the first place. I then somehow became involved in the beauty industry. That has presented many of it’s own professional challenges for me, but new opportunities to learn, of course. As much as I love what I do, I missed talking about and evaluating photography with people who loved it for the same reasons I did. Then Lintroller happened.

I tremendously enjoy assessing photography’s role within visual culture, within popular culture, and how fine art and conceptual photography merge with our greater social and political discourses. Motivated by those interests, I’m approaching Lintroller as an opportunity to talk about achievements and problems that are happening in contemporary photography. It’s also an opportunity for photographers and artists to see what’s going on beyond their neighborhoods. It’s about picking up pieces of lint from the fabric of contemporary imagery and analyzing their influence.

It would be foolish to not take advantage of how the Internet serves as an arena for discussion. As important as galleries, museums, and institutions are, the Internet is a democratic tool- allowing anyone from anywhere to look at the same content, and respond, and everyone is eligible to participate. My goal for Lintroller is to find new ways to utilize the Internet as an educational space. Whatever that may look like- I’m not too sure myself at the moment. I’m really looking forward to meeting photographers and talking about the things we like and don’t like, and sharing our conversations. So far it’s be wonderful. It’s the perfect outlet I’ve been searching for.