D-Day: Before and After

© Robert Capa/Magnum Photos
© Robert Capa/Magnum Photos

Sixty-nine years ago today, nearly 160,000 American, Canadian, and British troops rushed the shores of Normandy with attempts to invade German-occupied Western Europe. Nearly 7,000 vessels and 12,000 planes were used in Operation Neptune.

While Lint-Roller is a platform for contemporary photography, it’s important to understand how film and television has turned WWII into somewhat of a fictitious experience for viewers today. Soldier’s literally scaled cliffs. This happened without choreographers and stunt-doubles. For that reason, I recommend checking out Life’s gallery of color photographs of war-time before and after D-Day. There’s also a great gallery of images depicting the destruction of Normandy. Not that destruction is good, but the photos are incredible documents to look at from time to time.

© Frank Scherschel / Time & Life Pictures: Getty Images
© Frank Scherschel / Time & Life Pictures: Getty Images
© Frank Scherschel / Time & Life Pictures :Getty Images






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