Luke Burke distorts the definition of a photographic image.

Luke Burke is a Brooklyn based photographer who is interested in the boundaries of computer generated imagery and indexical photographic images. In his earlier works, Burke combined photographs of a real environment, and embedded computer generated objects into them. The manufactured objects while at first glance seems like they might belong in the environment that Burke displays, creates a contrasting visual that brings up questions about the nature of modern photographic images.

The question that Burke investigates in his work boils down to the way that digital technology has changed photography, making it closer to painting or illustration as the capability to manufacture fictional situations become more accessible. However, Burke focuses his explorations mostly to 3D software generated images.

 In his artist statement Burke briefly summarizes: “With line, space, form, and reflection I examine conjunctures between this new visual frontier, photography, and the two-dimensional visual plane.”

To see more of his work, visit his website.