Schuyler Duffy makes analog visual poetry.

Their necks all crane upwards in the crisp pacific light. The crowd had formed spontaneously on the top of a hill, at exactly 1453H. They look intently together. Suddenly self-conscious, he casts a voyeurish glance around, looking at the people looking, affirming his own place in the crowd, seeing the symmetry of hundreds of faces all focused with moviegoers’ intent, all looking too fast. – Schuyler Duffy, 2013.

Schuyler Duffy’s work is mysterious, unusual and deeply poetic. Using analog methods, Duffy creates collages. Despite the tactile nature of his works, some of Duffy’s images are captioned with titles that hint at the infallible influence of digital processes. Through his work, Duffy does not simply deconstruct the image making process, instead, he reaches further into the spirit which drives us to make photographs.

To see more of his work, visit his website.