Clarissa Bonet investigates the city's space


Using the city as her stage in the series City Space, Clarissa Bonet tackles the mysteries and anonymity of the urban environment and those who live within it. While the subjects in the frame are passive, their bodies become trapped by the environment around them. The Chicago based photographer stages stark narratives within various city scenes to simultaneously isolate the viewer by removing any identity of her subjects, and engaging the viewer by leaving small, mundane clues, to the lives of her characters.


“I am interested in the physical space of the city and its emotional and psychological impact on the body.”- Clarissa Bonet





Bonet will be showing work in a group exhibition, Chicago Project V, at Catherine Edelman Gallery in Chicago. The exhibition runs from July 12th through August 31st. An artist’s reception will be July 12th from 5-8pm so stop by if you’re in Chicago. Be sure to also check out the online exhibition Bonet is a part of- The Chicago Project. Look at more of her work here.

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