Mika Goodfriend travels south for the winter

BreezyHill 075

Mika Goodfriend’s series, Snowbirds, is a photographic documentary of Breezy Hill RV trailer park- a tightly knit community of French Québécois retirees living in the heart of Pompano Beach, Florida. Nearly 98% of the residents in Breezy Hill migrate to Florida every winter to find the comforts of their own tropical paradise. While the majority of residents can afford to live in gated communities by the ocean, they instead choose to live together, providing them the familiarity of their roots, with an outdoors lifestyle they desire. Their daily activities are timed to precision, aqua–form at 7am, dancing classes at 2pm, dinner at 6pm, repeated daily.

BreezyHill 076

BreezyHill 049

BreezyHill 017

Snowbirds 001

Head down to Brooklyn Bridge Park to see Mika’s series featured in Photoville’s The Fence exhibition. Mika also has a forthcoming solo exhibition of Snowbirds at VU Photo in Quebec City scheduled for January 10, 2014 as well as at le Labo in Toronto in the spring of 2014.