Farhad Bahram's "Live by Death"

Farhad Bahram: Live by Death

Iranian photographer Fahrad Bahram has always been interested in observing the effects of governmental mistrust and tradition, whether it is in the form of his photographic work and scholarly research.

His series “Live by Death” Bahram furthers his interest in process-based works that engage with social relations outside of the conventional art practice. Bahram photographed shopkeepers on May 2012 in the old bazaar of Kashan, central Iran.

The portraits display the shopkeepers posed with a photograph of a family member who had passed away. The portraits, mostly of their fathers, are usually on display at the shops that the men attend.

Functioning more of an artifact or a keepsake, Bahram’s photographs are documents of an exchange. Prior to photographing these men, Bahram would converse with them about their lives and the history of conflict that the shopkeepers had to go through.


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