5×5: Dilys Ng of Galavant Magazine

5x5 Dilys Ng: Leslie Lai

5×5 features five photographs from five different photographers selected by a guest editor.

For this week’s 5×5, we welcome Dilys Ng. Dilys is the co-founder of Galavant Magazine, a literature and photography magazine from Singapore.

Her selection of images “are a response and navigation to intimacy. They explore experiential and emotional desires within two entities; lovers and the artist and his model.”

The artists included in the selection are: Aneta Bartos, Anthony Gerace, Chad MooreLester Lai and Nan Goldin

5x5 Dilys Ng: Aneta Bartos
5×5 Dilys Ng: Aneta Bartos
5x5 Dilys Ng: Anthony Gerace
5×5 Dilys Ng: Anthony Gerace
5x5 Dilys Ng: Chad Moore
5×5 Dilys Ng: Chad Moore
5x5 Dilys Ng: Leslie Lai
5×5 Dilys Ng: Leslie Lai
5x5 Dilys Ng: Nan Goldin
5×5 Dilys Ng: Nan Goldin