Devon Johnson's "Leaning out of Car Windows"

Devon Johnson: "Leaning out of car window"

Devon Johnson does not necessarily consider himself a photographer. As an artist, however, Johnson works primarily with lens based mediums. Johnson’s work “examines how our understanding of place is altered by the passage of time, the failure of memory, and the influences of external texts.”

In “Leaning out of Car Windows” Johnson deconstructs the romanticism of travel and youth. Through analog methods, Johnson’s images distort what seems to be documentations of a time spent with friends by the beach. The outlines of the decayed shadows present us, the viewer, only a glimpse of what could have been.


A sign of our times and the modern means of image viewing and sharing, the square format reminds me of Instagram photographs. On closer inspection, the defaced images might seem like they belonged in someone’s Instagram feed. The images from “Leaning out of Car Windows” feel like a lost letter from the future, reminding us that images, whether they are physical or ethereal, will inevitably fade away.

To see more of his work, visit his website.