Image Makers: A Short Documentary Series presenting Singaporean photographers


Image Makers is a not-for-profit project initiated by a group of Singaporeans – photographer Tan Ngiap Heng, visual arts centre Objectifs and production house The Creative Room. 

Image Makers started off as a personal curiousity. So much is said about the “classic photographers”, but what about photographers from Asia or Singapore? In Image Makers, we hope to share, inspire and provide an insight into what goes on with artists and their practices. These documentaries unveil the artists behind iconic images and reveal clues for future generations of photographers.

We started creating 3 documentaries in our first year, featuring photographers John Clang, Tay Kay Chin and Chow Chee Yong. These documentaries received very positive feedback and we hope to be able to continue creating short films to feature more artists. We are starting first with Singapore photographers, but we hope that this project takes on momentum down the road to feature more international photographers! 

To learn more about the project, or support it, please visit the Image Makers IndieGogo Page.