Jimmy Fike: Photographic Survey of the Wild Edible Botanicals of the North American Continent

Jimmy Fike: Dandelion

Jimmy Fike is a photographer based in Phoenix, Arizona. His series, “Photographic survey of the wild edible botanicals of the North American Continent” compiles edible plants in the tradition scientific cataloging.

Within my system the plant is excavated, arranged in the studio, photographed, then illustrated digitally in such a way as to render the edible parts in color while the remaining parts, less emphatically, read as photograms. The plants in these images hover above an infinitely black space, referencing contact prints of botanical specimens from the dawn of photography. The 1:1 ratio of the photographs and high resolution color-coding speak to hyper-realistic modes of imaging and serve as archive and guide for an uncertain ecological future.

The beautiful images that Fike produce isolates common plants that are often dismissed in our everyday life. Fike redefines their significance and emphasizes their use through his methodical aesthetic decisions.

To see more of his work, visit his website.




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