Anthony Gerace: There Must be More Than This

Anthony Gerace: There Must Be More to Life Than This

Anthony Gerace describes himself as a “multidisciplinary creative” currently working and living in London, UK. Originally from Toronto, Canada, Gerace uses photography and its different iterations to describe his ideas.

“There Must Be More to Life Than This began as a way of trying to approach collage differently, using a more minimal framework (a single image) that was nevertheless based on a figurative image. That it became less about the mechanics and more in line with the portrait work I was doing in my photography practice was a surprise. Like most of my work, the conceptual elements didn’t reveal themselves until long into working on the project, but I think highlighting the damage, as well as obscuring parts of the faces, and confusing the way the image is processed, becomes a commentary on the loss of context and understanding of any given history. Throughout a lot of my work I’ve been dealing with the idea that the ephemeral elements of the past are confused and forgotten almost instantly, and that our recollections aren’t of specifics but rather of tones, moods, and textures, and I wanted to turn that thinking to people and places, as well: how a photograph of a mountain and a photograph of fabric become progressively equal in grandeur as time goes on, or how a person’s face becomes obscured and blurred into a wash of colour. The squares are a byproduct of experimentation with different geometric forms, but their sameness and rigour act as a counterpoint to the fluidity and abstraction that their multiplicity generates.”

Gerace’s “There Must Be More to Life Than This” was recently on display at the Coningsby Gallery in London.

To see more of Gerace’s work, please visit his website.