Matthew Shrier: David, A Muse & Restriction

Matthew Shrier: David, A Muse & Restriction

Matthew Shrier‘s “David, A Muse & Restriction” combines beautiful photographs and an interpretation of an idea that is elegantly executed. Looking at minimalist gestures, art history and aesthetics, Shrier embarked on an investigation of the creative process.

Some subjects include Michelangelo’s Davidfish in water, my muse, Brancusi’s recreated studio, original sculptures, and an illustration from Dante’s Divine Comedy treated with Photoshop’s content aware. Through subtle connections between the works, the collection presents a picture of a taste and creative practice forming.

The organization of the work takes inspiration from the I Ching, one of the world’s oldest existing texts. The series looks to this writing in aspiration to its mysticism and interlocking structure. Further, the I Ching’s connections to our modern binary code cause it to hold conceptual ground in my own process of understanding the aura of digital imagery.