Various Works from Dimitri Karakostas & Sonia D'Argenzio

Dimitri Karakostas is a cool guy. He skates, he makes zines, he takes a lot of pictures and he doesn’t give a shit. One of the brain masters of Blood of the Young Zine, Karakostas together with his partner in crime, Sonia D’Argenzio have their hands in a million things. That doesn’t stop them from groping more projects to be involved in, however.

Karakostas and D’Argenzio recently repositioned themselves to Brooklyn, New York. The images that are included in this post are excerpts from a variety of their different projects: “Moments Like This Never Last“, “Floaters” and “Skypager

Floaters” by Sonia D’Argenzio consists of manipulated C-Prints from damaged negatives made during treks to the Bruce Peninsula and Humber Valley, Canada.

“Moments Like This” by Dimitri Karakostas are images from his upcoming solo show. “Moments” display a combination of snapshots from Dimitri’s personal life.

Lastly, “Skypager” are photographs that are taken during three months of shooting open castings/go-sees without a phone or a static studio.


To see more of their work, please check out their respective websites: Dimitri Karakostas & Sonia D’Argenzio