Marilène Coolens & Lisa De Boeck: The Umbilical Vein

Marilène Coolens and Lisa De Boeck: Catwoman Uncensored, 1994

Marilène Coolens & Lisa De Boeck are a mother and daughter team that have been making photographs together since 1990. The series Umbilical Vein, is a documentation of De Boeck’s childhood by her mother, Coolens. De Boeck’s theatrical impulses are recorded as she matures. In Coolens’s photographs, De Boeck tries on different personae as she plays dress up and put on different poses for her mother’s lens.

The Umbilical Vein will be exhibited together with the photo book for the first time in Amsterdam at Flemish House of Culture ‘De Brakke Grond’, opening on 19 September, the solo exhibition will be on view till 3 November 2013 and is part of the program ‘must sees’ during Unseen Photo Fair Amsterdam 2013