Rocket Rain by Anggun Priambodo

Anggun Priambodo is a hardworking and veteran of the Indonesian video art community. He’s made a variety of short videos in fine art context, and also a lot of memorable music videos in the Indonesian indie community. Rocket Rain is his new, upcoming feature film.

Culapo, a video artist working on his latest project, is unexpectedly visited by his long lost friend, Jansen.

Jansen is having a troubled relationship with his wife and on the verge of separation. He escapes the city, and meets Culapo who has gone through a similar problem. During their awkward reunion, they become aware of just how far apart they have grown, and at the same time unfolding each other’s breakdowns.

Rocket Rain touches on the human longing for inner peace within the shifting values of contemporary Indonesian family. In a country where traditions are still considered sacred, the concept of nature and social values are being mediated by the demands of modernity.

Rocket Rain is a story of people who are trying to cope with this complexity of endless contradictions.