Alyssa Kazew
Image Courtesy of Alyssa Kazew

Oranbeg Press is an independent publisher based in Boston, MA and Brooklyn, NY. Oranbeg’s books are a mixture of artist created zines, photobooks, online media, and collaborative works. Our main goal is to promote the idea of “what is a book?” We use a variety of printing methods, unconventional materials and ideas in bookmaking to further this growing dialogue.

Their first release of the NET project featured Tammy Mercure, Roxana Azar, Alyssa Kazew, Carlos Lowenstein, Cait Oppermann, Juan Madrid, James Gentile, Andrew Jarman and James Smolka (Curated by Max Branigan & Ryan Oskin)

Prompt: Photographs can be romantic, sentimental, and unabashedly beautiful. At times, it can be hard to get away from this. I would like to see the photographs that combat nostalgia, that look at the world with bright wide open eyes, that find unexpected beauty or a new romance.

Submit to up to 5 images for consideration (sRGB, JPG, 2000 pixels).Also please include: Title, Series (if relevant) and your web url.

Deadline is November 30th at midnight

The curator for Oranbeg NET 02 : A New Romance is Tammy Mercure