5×5: Fall by Robert Hickerson

5×5 features five photographs from five photographers selected by a guest editor.

Robert Hickerson is a Brooklyn Based video artist, whose work inhabits the space between the performative and the cinematic. His selection commemorates the Fall by taking a look at falling.

Hope you had a nice trip, see you next fall.

Yves Klein Leap into the Void 1960
“Leap into the Void” Yves Klein, 1960


from “Year One” by Tobias Fäldt, 2011


Luis Gispert - Cheerleader Series
“Untitled (Fluid Exchange)” by Luis Guispert, 2001


Asger Carlsen
“Untitled” by Asger Carlsen for S Magazine, 2010


Brian Ulrich
“Kenosha, WI 2003” by Brian Ulrich, 2003