Ryan Oskin's domesti-scapes


At one point in time, Ryan Oskin considered himself what traditionalists would call a “straight’ photographer. Growing increasingly unsatisfied with his work, the Brooklyn artist began considering installation and sculpture as a vehicle for his photographic work. With a touch of humor, his images are a cross section of the natural and artificial invading the domestic space as well as what looks like methods of domesticating nature. Oskin’s subjects are carefully selected to pleasantly play off of his straight and rigid aesthetic.

Be sure to check out Oskin’s video streaming collaboration with Erin Nelson, and see more of his work here. He has also co-produced the exhibition “Hot Bed” opening at TGIF Gallery on December 7th featuring more than 30 artists from NYC and beyond. Be sure to stop by the artist’s reception on the 7th from 6-9pm.