HOT BED @ TGIF Gallery, Brooklyn


TGIF Gallery is a space shared between a group of artists who are determined to cultivate opportunities in which to show work and promote in-person discussion.

TGIF Gallery is run by Cait Oppermann, Yael Malka, Lauren Zaser, Ryan Oskin, Bobby Walsh, and Zoe Juarez.

Featuring work by:
Thomas Albdorf / Heather McKenna / Ian Delaune / Macey Foronda / Joris Vandecatseye /Anthony Cudahy / Nicole Reber / Ian Faden /Anahit Gulian/ Doris Guo / Ted Hesse / Amanda Jasnowski / Kelley McNutt / Julia Loughlin / Tammy Mercure / Roxana Azar / Joe Rudko / Megan Saienni / Cecilia Salama / Scott Winther / Lodoe Laura / Chris Nosenzo / Juliette Gaudino / Stephanie Noritz  /Kevin Tadge / Cole Baresh / Nick Fusaro / Ginny Casey / Nathan Cyprys / Cait Oppermann / Ryan Oskin / Lauren Zaser / Yael Malka / Bobby Walsh / Zoe Juarez

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