"The Armory" by Elizabeth Moran


Elizabeth Moran‘s The Armory “documents the ever-changing sets of the pornography company Kink.com.” Moran’s work examined how “private spaces are constructed for a public gaze, and [how the] work is veiled under the guise of personal life… Pornography, driven by demand, reflects an amalgamation of our desires. Yet, its prevalence also changes real-world sexual habits creating a feedback loop of the fabricated [and] becomes the real while the real becomes fabricated.”


“I became fascinated with the reuse of the building’s original features and architecture for the films as well as the recycling of various sets and props. In all of my projects, I am interested in the remnants of a past that remains unseen and possibly unexplained and how a space is made up of layers of time. Kink.com has been nothing but generous and supportive of the project”



A recipient of the Tierney Fellowship, Moran will be investigating a haunted house in Memphis, Tennessee with the help of local paranormal investigators. We can’t wait to feature that project too!