The amazing Silent Barn needs your help!

Silent Barn

Ok – so this might not be completely photography related, but a couple of us here over at Lintroller love Silent Barn so dearly.

It’s a project that is very close to our heart. A DIY Mecca of multi discilplinary arts, The Silent Barn provides artists studios, music venues and many other important community engagement activities that are both awesome and important (Yes, I said important twice, cause they are very, important).

Please support them if you can!

Silent Barn

Dear friend,

As you may have heard, your friends at the Silent Barn have launched our Winter 2013 Fundraising Campaign to our fantastic community of supporters such as yourself. As we pass the first anniversary of the 10-year lease on our new building, we are overwhelmingly excited about all of the projects, installations, and performances that can be created here for the remainder of the decade. We hope that you’ve had as much fun at your shows and events in our first year as we have had.

To assure that the Silent Barn dream continues, we are working to raise $20,000 by January 1, 2014. Reaching the goal will finish renovations on the building, strengthen our infrastructure, and enable us to continue offering diverse programming in the new year. As you may have read in our newsletter or heard around the barnyard, we’ve created fun, exciting donor benefits that are reflective of the creative vitality of our community. People who give to Silent Barn will have their donation be tax-deductible through our non-profit fiscal sponsor, Flux Factory, and they will receive an exclusive donor gift currency that includes artworks, records, tshirts, beer, entry to shows, tea blends, haircuts, craft supplies, noise friends, cassette tapes, and many great gifts made by the Silent Barn family.

We are seeking your support, as our community, to help us achieve our goal. We need your help sharing this video that our fantastic volunteers made and our donate website to your friends, family, colleagues and people who you think would be interested in seeing new work at the Silent Barn. Let them know why you choose to support the Silent Barn inasmuch ways as you do, or you may simply forward this letter. To check out an upcoming event, you know where to go.

Thank you for your continued support of the Silent Barn. If you have any questions about the campaign or like to become even more involved, don’t hesitate to reply back to me or send a note to Joe Ahearn, Fundraising Ghost, at We look forward to seeing you more around the Silent Barn in the new year!


To learn more or to support, please visit the Silent Barn Fundraising website.