Dawn Whitmore's photo-collage series, "Environments"

Dawn Whitmore‘s Environments examines our ability to simplify and recognize women and their sexuality as an effect of virtual culture. Whitmore samples pornographic images from various adult sites and printes them on paper, then using a combination of mirrors, decorative papers, windows and children’s puppets, she sets a ‘scene’ and then rephotographs the final image.

“The created imagery is colorful and inviting – much like the aesthetic of soft-core adult sites. I am interested in the playfulness that makes the imagery easily digestible. With our constantly updated technological world, it often seems that sexual imagery is obtained, used (viewed), and then thrown aside for the next best thing – much like a child moving through a box of toys. The environments in which the women are placed seem interchangeable, acting as another layer to be visually separated from them as objects of desire despite the disjointed paradoxes.”