3 Years Past, a Kickstarter for a documentary film about high school students in Fukushima by Kaz Senju


“3 Years Past” is a documentary film about a group of teenagers who have spent all of their high school years in Fukushima. Their anticipated graduation from Junior High and entry into Senior High School was suddenly disrupted by an earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear accident three years ago. Some of them were forced to evacuate from their homes, transferred to safer locations within Fukushima prefecture, or their entire family decided to move to another area within Japan. They are now entering an important juncture in their lives, graduating from High School and entering University. Some students see this as an opportunity to leave Fukushima for a fresh start elsewhere in Japan, while others have decided to stay near their families.

Kaz Senju is a Japanese photographer and videographer – in this film that he is raising money for, Kaz is interested in exploring the personal impacts of the Fukushima earthquake on the lives of the teenagers who lived there. The title of the film, “3 Years” refers to the length of high school in Japan.

To learn more and support the project, please visit the film’s Kickstarter page.