Issue 00: Rosie Rittenberry

Initiated by photographers Alex Thebez and Elizabeth Renstrom, TAGTAGTAG aims to bring artists of different backgrounds and practices together in a conversation surrounding creativity. For its inaugural issue Brooklyn based fashion designer Rosie Rittenberry was interviewed about her collection “Swim Fan.”

Her collection and her studio were then photographed by accomplished photographer Elizabeth Renstrom. Working collaboratively, Renstrom and Thebez compiled the photos and interview into a package which was then sent to eleven selected artists, asking simply for them to take inspiration from any aspect of the package and create a new work. What came back was a wide array of works, ranging from photographic series to video, from illustration

to literary works. After many iterations, the inaugural issue will be released as a digital publication, allowing both digital and non-digital mediums to converse with each other over one platform.

The pilot issue of TAGTAGTAG features the works of:
Jake Sigl, Lauren Poor, Olivia Gilmore, Colin Shields, Inez Harbour, Chelsey Pettyjohn, Marisa Gertz, Antonia Basler, Elli Trier, Gabe Paonessa and Robert Hickerson.

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