Michael Rudd: Whitewash

Michael Rudd is a self taught photographer. Born in Canada, Rudd lived in London and Hong Kong before settling in Brooklyn.

“Dormant objects can tell a story based on demarcations or signs of use. With the series Whitewash, I examined permutations of how information is relayed or expressed in a static object or scene: A newly erected construction wall in a subway stop I use had been covererd in bits of graffiti and tags. Over the next four days returning to the same stop I noticed a silent back and forth between fresh graffiti and subway workers haphazardly trying to cover it. Versus the graffiti photos I used an entirely white room and two sources of impermanent information/light to paint various scenes, interspersing intended information that is ultimately lost (light), with unintended information that serves as record (graffiti).”

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