Instagram Residency Program: Trey F. Wright

You guys – sorry for being out of touch a little bit. We’ve been dealing with some seasonal business, and getting organized for the website.

We had Marisa Gertz of GIFRIENDS on our Instagram a couple of weeks ago, and Matthew Shrier had posted some of his understated, behind the scene images from in and around the set.

Starting today until the 7th of May, Trey F. Wright is our current Instagram Artist in Residence. We have previously featured his on the website, and we are happy to have him back.

Trey has been experimenting with motion, while he continues his busy endeavor with various clients such as Bloomberg Businessweek, BULLETT Magazine and Nowness. Follow Trey F. Wright’s sneak peeks and behind the scenes from his upcoming body of work on the Lintroller Instagram.