Estuary Collective Interviewed Lintroller

Estuary Collective

A while ago, Estuary Collective reached out to us to talk to us about our work, our goals and what Lintroller means to us.

What was your intention for creating Lintroller?

LISA: I joined the collective because I needed an outlet. At the time, I was working as a hair and makeup agent. My day job required me to negotiate contracts, scout opportunities for my talent, and build relationships with beauty, PR, and fashion clients. I missed looking at photographs and talking about them. I missed debating about why images are important and how we can make them better. My time in school was so wonderful because I was surrounded by people who were asking questions I was also seeking answers to. So I mentioned all of this to Alex, he asked if I wanted to interview some photographers for this site he was developing, and it blossomed from there.

ALEX: A couple of us would agree, that I am obsessed with being in a group. I always wanted to be part of a band growing up, but unfortunately I can’t play an instrument, nor am I musically talented in any way. The most basic intention behind Lintroller is to foster a support system for its members, so we can continue to be engaged with our art even after school. I wanted us to share our individual engagements with the bigger art and photography world as well, to make a bigger network, not just for ourselves but to emerging talents.

OLIVIA: I was interested in joining the collective because I enjoy writing, as well as promoting work which I think is worthy of recognition. Like Alex, I also enjoy collaboration. I think it keeps the production process experiential rather than only seeking an end-goal.

Check out the full interview on the Estuary Collective website, including some images and selfies from the Lintroller crew.