Yin-lai Trinidad Ng is working out anxieties

“I have a hard time bundling up my pictures in groups,
because they come to me capriciously .
Sometimes in sets, sometimes on their own.
Sometimes I catch them, sometimes I stage them.
But In general, I can say this: I take a lot of pictures of myself,
I take a lot of pictures out of pure anxiety,
I take a lot of pictures based on dreams I have,
and I take a lot of pictures of my boyfriend, bless his heart.
To say anything else would be to stuff this up with hay. (That makes sense in Spanish, I promise)”
Yin-lai Trinidad Ng is a Chinese-Dominican photographer based in Spain. It’s easy to pick up the underlying hum of anxiety and urgency in her images- a stressful moment that leads to nail biting, pins in her palm, a possible crisis cured by a self-administered hair cut. While the narratives strung throughout her images are not concrete and are rather open-ended, she has a gentle and comforting approach to capturing something that seems to be causing some kind of uncertainty. When asked why she photographs the way she does, Trinidad Ng replies with,
As a way of dealing with myself, and issues with perception and self perception, and also as a sort of link to a world I don’t fully understand and from which I feel very alienated sometimes. But I don’t want to make a huge dramatic statement about all this, because this isn’t huge and this isn’t dramatic, it’s just a woman that has a lot of feelings.
Be sure to see what Yin-lai has been up to (she’s showing work in Northern Spain! May 9th! Check her blog for details) and follow her on Instagram because she shares images you’ll want to melt right into.