cutlog NY in the Lower East Side

Photo © Yana Bannikova

Here over at Lintroller – we don’t usually write about art fairs. Not that we are against them, but I personally have difficulty in digesting the amount of work that you commonly find in fairs. Besides, there are tons of other outlets who are more experienced and better qualified to share their thoughts on the wider art market anyway.

ELLE - courtesy of Folioleaf NY
ELLE – courtesy of Folioleaf NY

However, our friends graciously extended their invitation over to cutlog NY, a younger, smaller, and edgier fair that is taking place right now in the Lower East Side.

This year, cutlog NY is being held at The Clemente, a historical site that functions almost like a mirror to the fair’s mission and dedication to fostering communities.

cutlog NY was an experience that is kinder and more intimate, something I did not entirely expect. The fair is composed of 50 exhibitors, a combination of galleries, artists and art collectives – many showing in a fair environment for the very first time.

As Lisa and I explore the fair, we find art that occupy the nooks and crannies of the Clemente. We are presented not just by traditional booths, but well thought out art installations that breathes bustling creativity.

ELLE, one of our favorite street artists working right now presented a video and some of her work alongside other artists presented by Folioleaf NY. Already familiar with Sandy Kim’s gritty work, we are confronted by her familiar images in an unfamiliar setting. Presented by {TEMP} Art Space, Kim’s photographs of friends and notable New York figures are printed in bigger than life sizes – further emphasizing the vibrant colours and striking energy in Kim’s images.

SANDY KIM Self Portrait - Window 2 2012 - Courtesy of {TEMP} Art Space
Self Portrait – Window 2
2012 – Courtesy of {TEMP} Art Space

The fair provided a fair mix of different mediums. But one thing is for sure, that cutlog NY is a nice contrast to the bigger fairs in town – and probably one that helps change my feelings towards art fairs in general.

cutlog NY runs until May 11, 2014 at the Clemente which is located at 107 Suffolk Street, New York.