Adam Forrester: Yellowknife

Adam Forrester was born in Alabama and has lived in Los Angeles, Mexico City, coastal Maine, and most recently, the sleepy southern oasis of Athens, Georgia.  He completed his MFA in Photography at the Lamar Dodd School of Art in 2013.  Adam makes work about bizarre myths, enduring folktales, and mumbled truths.  He is currently, most likely, somewhere between Atlanta and New Orleans.

Since the Curiosity Rover’s successful landing on the surface of Mars on August 5, 2012, it has been photographing, drilling, brushing, and traversing the surface of the alien planet.  This robotic feat of engineering acts as lone scout, photographing this land that many believe may have once held the capacity for intelligent life.  The images that return to Earth from Curiosity end up being placed within the context of what we know about our own planet.  This body of work, Yellowknife, utilizes NASA’s monikers and language of description for the Martian terrain juxtaposed with images from Earth.  These photographs allude to those produced by Curiosity and draw on the visual similarities of two celestial bodies to promote a greater understanding of both planets.