Julie Grace Immink's bright, stark and empty spaces.

Julie Grace Immink is a social documentary photographer living in Los Angeles. She was born in the wagon of a traveling show. Exploring the streets with her camera is how she connects to the surrounding world. She gains inspiration from anything old and broken but believes in healing and restoration. Her photographs of human settlement are saturated with thoughts on life, death, faith and community.

These images were selected from her first self published book: WAITING FOR THE SUN. The book is a small collection of images from twenty years of her photographic journey.

Immink’s pictures are dynamic, memorable and feel unmistakably American. There is a quality to her point of view that pierces the high contrast imagery of Immink’s work. Her photographs are loose. They are a montage of people and places. Immink’s photographs may be hers, but the experience that she shares through them feel tirelessly American.

Immink’s work is also included in the latest issue of Mossless.