5×5 : FOOD ART by Julia Gartland

Photographer, food stylist, shot caller at Sassy Kitchen, and self-taught chef, Julia Gartland, gives us a 5×5 that will make your mouth water. A regular contributor to Clementine Daily and Camille Styles, Gartland’s craft stems from a background in fine art photography and a multi-layered love and passion for food. Her editorial work can be found in Simple Things Magazine, Time Out New York, and  Chalkboard Magazine.

This 5×5 includes a list of photographers with the ability to appropriate food with an innate sense of narrative and unease.  This work ranges from iconic photographers like Irving Penn and Wolfgang Tillman, to newer artists tackling personal projects such as Christopher Testani and Sarah Anne Ward.

Food is a subject so inherent to life, but almost unnaturally depicted in the following photographs.  Although I work in the editorial field of food, I crave it most when its used in a bizarre and imaginative way.  In an age where food pictures have taken over the the visual vernacular of Instagram, Tumblr and the like, the subject of food doesn’t have to be about what everyone’s eating for lunch.  So, a short and very incomplete chronicle of food in art.


Wilfgang Tillmans Still Life
Chritopher Testani, Still Life No. 2
Irving Penn Image: Salmon, Tofu, and Fig osteoporosis prevention foods
Sarah Anne Ward, from project, “Memories from my Future”
Sarah Cwynar, from the project, “Accidental Archives”