Vanessa Rondon wanders at night.

The pictures in this book are photographs I made of the neighborhood I live in Brooklyn, New York. I shot these photographs between the times of 11PM to 2 AM. I made most of the images with a medium format film camera in respect to the long history of landscape photography but I mixed them with 35mm shots. In doing so, I intend to create different relationships with the subject matter and film format. Being originally from Venezuela but raised in Miami, Florida I’m constantly faced with the notion of not belonging in the place I live. I always feel as if I’m rediscovering new places but never losing the feeling of “otherness.” This project is an exploration of trying to belong by capturing the tension of the beauty I see and the fear I feel while making these images. Forcing my presence to be noted through the silent yet haunting tension in the images.

Vanessa Rondon was a recent participant of our Instagram Residency program. Rondon was born in Valencia, Venezuela but was raised in Miami, FL since the age of 7. She’s currently living in Brooklyn, NY. She’s also a drummer and a member of kollagemontage.

Compiled into a book, the images come from a body of work aptly titled “11pm – 2AM”

The intent behind the night photographs are bluntly straightforward. Rondon was drawn by both the mysterious and beautiful qualities of the urban landscapes of Bushwick, Brooklyn.

Stunning and vibrant, Rondon’s images transform the industrial Bushwick into a romantic dreamscape.