Portfolio: Zak Krevitt's grainy nights.

hey-zakbaldkingkirk on the rockskirk in bedstephladiesself with kirk and nick

Zak Krevitt‘s time with our Instagram account was pretty controversial. Teetering on the explicit, Krevitt is known for gritty images that brims humor, sensuality and homo eroticism.

Recently having spent some time in New Orleans – Krevitt returns with new images that expands on his ongoing, diaristic body of work. Mixing a bit of typical event photography with portraits and images from Krevitt’s charged personal life, the result is both jarring and intriguing.

Krevitt has made a selection of his images available to be downloaded in High Resolution, to be printed and distributed.

You can download the high resolution files by clicking here – The files are 8×10″ at 300dpi! Also make sure to follow Krevitt’s work on his Tumblr.