Lauren Margit Jones graduated from Parsons the New School for Design with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in photography.  Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Lauren now resides in Queens, New York continuing her work about adolescence, sexuality and idealism.  Her work was recently exhibited at Milk Gallery in Manhattan.

One of our personal favorites from the Parsons Portfolio Review – Jones carries sublime sensitivity in the portrayal of her subjects. Light, flesh and stone twist with grace in Jones’s photographs.

; a desire. is a photographic exploration of masculinity.  The photographs are meant to create a space with which to consider notions of sex and gender and to challenge that these binaries are intrinsically linked.  The men begin to resemble the Grecian canons of the 5th century, often stoic and posed, yet baring their chests to the camera with a fragility that is never fully expected.  While the men are not strangers to me, the intimacy of the images should not allude to a narrative body of work.  Rather, the subjects serve as a study of form, each building upon the next to create a framework with which to look critically at these ideals and at how masculinity is traditionally rendered.  In striving to draw out their innermost vulnerabilities they depart from the image of a strong guarded man and expose a gentler side of themselves.  I often wonder if this fragility emanates from my models because I am a woman, placed within a seat so heavily dominated by male artists in the past; if it is because I have placed myself in a position of power and transposed man representing woman.  In a way the work has become much more about my role as a female artist and the questions of sexuality and gender I find myself grappling with.  Consequently, the photographs have become about my pleasures and desires and my longing to obtain an equilibrium of power with the men in my life.  Perhaps my questions will remain unanswered and I will not find truth within these images of feminized men, however, I instead choose to throw a wrench into these binary oppositions, male and female and strive to blur the line between genders.