Feelings & Similar Items Vol. II

Feelings and Similar Items is a compilation of pictures from the everyday. Initiated by Alex Thebez, the series is a way to create coherent narratives from seemingly disparate images made through a compulsive desire to photograph.

For the second volume of Feelings & Similar Items, Alex paired up with long time collaborator (and fellow GIFRIENDS member) Marisa Gertz. Feelings Vol. II  collects photographs taken from 2011 until 2014, spanning various cities across the map.

Marisa Gertz is a photographer and net artist living in NYC. She is interested in the way that the imagery we create influences our perception of the world around us, especially through the internet.

Feelings & Similar Items Vol. II
8.5” x 11”
60 pages
40 Color Photographs
Digital offset.
Edition of 200
Published by Lintroller

The book can be purchased through the Lintroller Online Store