Andrew Williams: Drought

Andrew Williams has been previously featured here in Lintroller. A driven, prolific documentary photographer – Andrew has recently completed a series on the Drought plaguing different regions within the United States:

Drought is one of the costliest of climate hazards and has impacted the United States on many occasions, including currently in California. Extensive research is required to evolve our nation’s drought monitoring system and effectively predict drought. The massive amount of data being collected on a daily basis is transforming the way that our society interprets socioeconomic conditions. Through scenes of social landscape this project strives to strengthen the dialogue, information, and supportive action needed for significant changes in water management.

The goal for the outcome of the Drought project is to translate open source data provided by biologists, ecologists, and social scientists it into a language that the public, many of whom are skeptical of climate change and resource management can understand and connect to visually; accelerating urgent and decisive action from the individual to the national level.

A devastating visual evidence, Drought is both poetic and eerie in its way of reminding us in the consequences of relentless consumption on the natural world.

For more information about the ongoing Drought, please also check the NIDIS Newsletter.

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