Bruno Quinquet: Salaryman Project

Bruno Quinquet spent twenty years of his life as a sound engineer before he decided to take on photography as a full tie endeavor.

Quinquet resides in Tokyo, where he had established Bureau d’Etudes Japonaises.

His ongoing street photography series Salaryman Project features anonymous male Japanese office workers on the streets of Tokyo. The Japanese salaryman is a cultural archetype that is essential to the idea of modern Japan. Juggling a strict behavioral code and high expectations both in their personal and work environments, the Japanese Salaryman embodies the stresses associated with modern life in economically developed countries.

In his images, Quinquet captures the mundane patterns of these anonymous men. Drawing his fascination with the changing seasons and its impact on the visual landscape of urban Tokyo, Quinquet places the figures of the salaryman within compositions that are unexpectedly cathartic.


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