Carl Gunhouse: Not Just Boys Fun

Carl Gunhouse was born in 1976 in Boston, Massachusetts, but he spent his formative years in suburban New Jersey. Growing up, he developed a love/hate relationship with suburbia that led to the angst familiar to most suburban youth. With this unrest came the discovery of the anger and DIY ethics of hardcore punk rock. Yearning to be part of the hardcore scene, he started photographing bands, which began his love of photography.

Gunhouse’s “Not Just Boys Fun” combines images from a couple of sub cultures: wrestling and hardcore / punk music. In the sequence, Gunhouse combines the photographs with images that he find everyday – portraits of friends and strangers, images from a protest, the police in action. Together, Gunhouse’s photo essay ponder the aesthetics, or behaviors that are associated with masculinity – especially in America.A relentless and active presence within the photographic community, Gunhouse’s images maintain the same vitality and energy that are evidently boundless. Gunhouse’s work has also been previously featured in Issue 3 of Mossless, among other publications.