Jenna Garrett: The Public Profile of an American Girl

Jenna Garrett‘s The Public Profile Of An American Girl is a collection of photographic similarities among young women whose image restrictions were labeled “public” as dictated in the bylaws of Facebook’s Privacy Policy. Images are divided into categories including ‘Licking My Friend, ‘The Face’, ‘Car Self Portrait’ and ‘Gang Sign’. Whether created from the need for attention, approval or simply a mimicry of others, the images en mass produce a world that exploits and objectifies. The selection is out of thousands discovered.

Garett’s project compiles singular moments that are often seen in private, isolated setting – into a typology that reveals a bigger visual pattern in which a generation portrays and documents itself.
The Public Profile of an American Girl was on display at the Aperture Gallery in NYC as part of their first Summer Open.

Various works from The Public Profile Project have been featured on the Aperture FoundationOranbeg PressCool Hunting and Slideluck Stockholm III.