Issue 01: George Pitts

The product of a dialogue between artists, TAGTAGTAG aims to explore the relationships artists develop through creative influence. Each issue begins with a profile of a renowned artist and then compiles works that have been inspired by, or are relevant to, who we feature.

TAGTAGTAG was conceived by Alex Thebez and Elizabeth Renstrom as a means to feature artists from different backgrounds and practices and unify them in a single conversation. Alex Thebez, a New York based Indonesian photographer, runs Lintroller, an online photography platform, in addition working in commercial and fine art practices. Elizabeth Renstrom is a photographer and editor whose work has been published internationally in publications such as Vice, TIME, Marie Claire, among others.

Issue one of TAGTAGTAG is centered around the elusive artist George Pitts. Contributors read the introductory interview of Pitts by Renstrom and Thebez and were asked to submit work in response to the work of Pitts and his philosophy. Clear themes emerged: sexuality, motherhood, the beauty of the female form, nostalgia, age and queerness. In addition to the art of Pitts, TAGTAGTAG features works by Erik Freer, Zak Krevitt, Sasha Kurmaz, Winslow Laroche, Zöe Ligon, Chas Ray Krider, Lukasz Wierzbowski, Kristofferson San Pablo, Nathan Bajar, Sergiy Barchuk, Ben McNutt, Jon Ervin, Lauren Margit Jones, Malcolm Thorndike Nicholson, Robert Renstrom, Ryan Oskin, Yael Malka, Ronika McClain, Alyssa Kazew, Marilyn Yun Jin, Jeesu Kim, Liaizon Wakest, Dilys Ng, Chuck Grant, Carolyn Griffin, Cait Oppermann, Aaron Hawkes, Elena Montemurro, and Heather Sten.