Marisa Long

Marissa Long is an artist who lives in Arlington, Virginia. She likes photographing things that are contradictory, and objects that reveal intention missing its mark. She is also the creator and editor of the online arts publication Great Big Iceberg.

The images we are featuring are part of two of Long’s projects: Cat’s Eye and Offerings.

Both projects deal with the female identity and its construction.

In Cat’s Eye, Long creates situations that preserve and amplify feminine beauty in ways that at times become absurd.

Long’s interest in vibrant, technicoloured anxiety lingers in Offerings – where she constructs sculptural objects from organic matter, food, household items, and animal parts into pile-like identities. Simultaneously whimsical and dark, the forms speak to bodily existence and its remains; desire, revulsion, and the banal made sacrosanct through the act of display.