5×5: “More is More” by Vivian Fu

Vivian Fu is a photographer living in San Francisco.

5×5 features five photographs from five photographers selected by a guest editor.

My mom always told me that my eyes are bigger than my stomach. Recently I have been thinking about how that idea applies to my art practice, as well as the work that I’m drawn to. I like photography that is more luscious, more fleshy, more alive. To me, more is luxurious, more is ecstasy, more is better.

While stuffing myself with home made dumplings, I contemplated the idea of visual exuberance as the photographic form of a celebratory feast, and that train of thought led me to the works of Maisie Cousins, Traci Matlock, Bryson Rand, Mickalene Thomas, and Brian Vu.

Maisie Cousin
Mickalene Thomas
Brian Vu
Bryson Rand
Traci Matlock


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