5×5: “Atmosphere” by Sabrina Banta

5×5 features five photographs by five photographers, usually curated around a specific subject matter, selected by a guest editor.

Sabrina Banta is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Tabula Rasa Magazine, an annual non-profit publication and platform where contributing photographers, stylists, and writers explore fashion photography as art.

For Tabula Rasa Magazine, we gave ourselves the unique challenge of having a new theme and set of photographers each issue. We can’t repeat the same person twice, so I am constantly searching for the next group of artists to feature. For this edition of 5×5, I want to show a collection of work from past contributors–either something new they’ve created, or the image that inspired me to ask them to be in the magazine.

It’s hard to explain in words why certain images resonate with me, or how I even choose which photographers to work with, since the decision is always instinctual. The first thing I look for is that the artists’ work is merely an extension of themselves but lately I’ve noticed the images that linger, the ones I would want to continually look at hanging on my wall, evoke some kind of feeling, or atmosphere. Whether it’s transience, suspense, or delicacy, it takes me somewhere.

Alex Lockett


Daniel King
Ryan James Caruthers
Michael Donovan



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