5×5: “Photographing Internet”

by Eugene Reznik

5×5 features five photographs by five photographers, usually curated around a specific subject matter, selected by a guest editor.

Eugene Reznik is the Digital Features Photo Editor at Bloomberg. Previously, he was Director of Photography of the digital publication Hopes&Fears, an editor at American Photo Magazine and a writer for TIME Magazine’s LightBox photography section.

Towards an Alternative to the Hacker in a Hoodie

For this entry, I’ve considered five avenues of approach in visual representation of internet, which lost its capital ‘I’ per New York Times style guide in mid 2016. Despite being a domineering force in Western life for nearly three decades, and the core of today’s greatest political controversies, the visual narrative in mass media has been mired in shitty stock photography. As an alternative, to start, I propose: “Infrastructure” via Trevor Paglen, “Icons” via Jo Metson Scott, “Archive” via Doug Menuez, “Community” via Amy Lombard, and finally, “Aggregate” via Penelope Umbrico.


Trevor Paglen