II: “A Family”

Publisher’s Note
This year definitely flew by much more quickly than I thought. Felt like it was only a month ago that I was setting things up for this Collection, and here we are, it’s June.

I have been missing my family a lot, even though I just saw them last month. Maybe it’s just a thing that happens when you get older — you think about your family more, who your people are, and what happens to them as we all get older together. It doesn’t help that the current state of things feel like they are trying to tear people apart even further.

For “A Family” — we are looking at what families may look like today. From the joy and anxieties incited by the people that we regard as our own kind, to the burdens of expectations and cultural heritage.

Thank you for being here with us. Stick around long enough, and maybe we can call each other family.

Alex Thebez






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