Camera Roll: Malcolm Khaldi

Camera Roll is a series of phone pics and vids from some of our favorite people out in the world today.

We met Malcolm Khaldi at the International Center of Photography when he was wrapping up his time with one of the programs there. Malcolm is a photographer and artist based in New York and Ghana.

Alex Thebez

Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you came into photography.

I’m a queer first-generation American of Ghanaian and Lebanese descent with a background in architecture and design. I love traveling (food, fashion, exploring, adrenaline), lifting, singing, and dancing. Growing up in Ghana, I give props to Lady Gaga for my start in photography. Her music, style, and loud personality inspired me to take selfies and edit them using an online editing software called “Picnic” (RIP). Since then, I lay the brush and pencils down, and focused on creating and executing fashion or portraiture editorial concepts around my beautiful friends.

Tell us a little bit about these pictures. What are the scenes that you shared with us? What is the time span in which these pictures and videos taken?

The majority of these photos were taken during my first year in New York City and while on break in Ghana between 2021 to 2022. It was a pivotal moment for me in my personal and photographic career, as I found my (still developing style) and growing community while I come into my own and figure out my place in these worlds. These photos depict moments of love, self-expression, and community in my day-to-day, ballroom, and bodybuilding lives.

What’s next? What are you excited about in the coming year?

I’m excited to step away from fear, learn, and put the focus back on to my personal work:

Saving up to purchase new gear, pursuing the projects I’ve had simmering in my mind for far too long, and creating with friends and community members.

Your will to create must be stronger than your fear of judgment.

What inspires you creatively these days?

Music, fashion, flowers, the streets, water, pastries, the sun, cologne, and love (in all its forms: gentle, protective, uplifting, strained, tainted, healing, heartbreak and all.)

Do you have a playlist that you want to share with us?

Follow me on Spotify! I create playlists based on genres I’m interested in, but they’re not a curated list per se. Just a dump of songs with a similar vibe that I can easily refer back to later.

You can follow Malcolm on Instagram and and learn more about his work on his website. This article is part of TAGTAGTAG’s release “Together.” Originally appeared on TAGTAGTAG