Support our work

TAGTAGTAG currently is a self funded project by creatives Alex Thebez and Elizabeth Renstrom. We pay our contributors starting 2023.

Why support us?

By supporting TAGTAGTAG, you are supporting the works of emerging artists and helps Elizabeth and Alex do more things with them.

When you support TAGTAGTAG, you also get a host of different benefits which includes…

  • Help TAGTAGTAG cover its operational costs.
    • Paying people costs $$$. We also hate banner ads. Supporting us helps us financially so we can keep the lights on TAGTAGTAG so we can keep paying our contributors.
  • Access to TAGTAGTAG’s full archive.
    • Everyone gets access to the current release. Our patrons get access to all releases from 2023 onward.
  • Access to TAGTAGTAG’s private Discord Server
    • Connect with the community, get feedback and access to a few listings and conversations that happen on the server. Paying Patrons get access
  • Access to Patron only Editor’s Notes and Letters
    • While releases happen every so often throughout the year, Patrons get access to more regular notes from Alex and Elizabeth. Hear about things we are thinking about and creative things that we are excited about at least once a month.
  • Have your name listed on our Patron Wall
    • As part of our thanks, we’ll have a Patron Wall which will list all our paying Patrons, with a custom link of their choice.
  • Get voting power on our next releases.
    • Be part of our editorial board. Vote for themes, artists and more from upcoming TAGTAGTAG initatives.
  • Get first access to our future physical publication projects.
    • We love publishing things online, but we are also thinking about doing limited run prints and other physical publication projects. Depending on your membership level, eventually our Patrons will get these irl things too.

Some of our milestones

Last updated Sept. 16, 2023

As we ramp up in the coming months, we’ll be adding a few milestones that are $$$ related. We will also be publishing an annual financial report that will transparently communicate how much money we are receiving and how we are spending it to support artists.

  • Patrons contribution cover 1 Collection
    • It costs to up to US$ 900 to pay our contributors for a release.
  • Patrons contribution fully cover online operational costs
    • We get enough money to cover web hosting from our Patron contributions.